Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation

For individuals across the age spectrum pre and post injury, illness and disability.

About Quality Rehabilitation Services

Quality Rehabilitation Services Ltd (QRS) is a New Zealand based company with 7 office/clinic sites and community rehabilitation bases.  QRS provide Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation for people across the age spectrum following injuries, health conditions and disability.

A team of specialists

QRS employ a team of Medical Consultants, Psychologists, Vocational Consultants  and Allied Health professionals (Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Language Therapists, Social Workers and Dieticians)  who work in our specialist teams providing services to clients in their home, community, school and workplaces.

Our Specialist Services

We receive referrals from ACC and private funders. Our contracts with ACC are outlined below.

Vocational Rehabilitation >
Workstation Assessments
Workplace Assessment - VR01
Scoping Assessment - VR02
Stay at Work Level 1 - VRS01
Stay at Work Level 2 - VRS02
Stay at Work Level 3 - VRS03
Stay at Work Level 4a - VRS04a
Work Ready - WR01, WR02, WR03a
Functional Capacity Evaluation - FCE
Functional Reactivation Programme - FRP

Therapy 4 Children >
Paediatric Team
Neuropsychology and Psychology contracts
Education Based Rehabilitation Assessment - EBRA
Training for Independence - TI
Support Needs Assessment - SNA

Physiotherapy >
Musculoskeletal, Neurological and Vestibular Physiotherapy and Pilates integrated across all services

Rehabilitation >
Training for Independnce - TI
Education based review assessment - EBRA
Integrated Rehabilitation assessment - IRA
Single Discipline Assessment
Support Needs assessment - SNA
Functional Capacity Evaluation - FCE
Functional Reactivation Programme - FRP

A stretch a day keeps the Physio away!

August 28, 2015
Your body is designed to be mobile and flexible with the ability to perform everyday tasks with ease. However, due our life demands such as repetitive movements or prolonged postures e.g. work related tasks, driving long distances, our joints and muscles become tight and stiff.Activities like liftin...
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